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Luke Selway - Train Smarter Train Harder

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Luke Selway - Train Smarter Train Harder
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Hello, my name is Luke Selway. I am the founder and head coach of Train Smarter Train Harder, an exercise enthusiast, APA powerlifting coach and husband. I have a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from the University of Auckland and have a great interest in biomechanics. I have always prided myself in working hard. Once, when I was younger and on a work site, someone showed me a more efficient way of doing something then said to me “work smarter not harder”. I thought, “why - when you find a better method to complete the task at hand - why not work just as hard and achieve more?” Train Smarter Train Harder was founded on this principle, that an educated approach combined with optimal effort will achieve the greatest results. I love to coach and draw from my background in athletics, martial arts and callisthenics to help the individual achieve the results they want using a style of exercise that they enjoy and can incorporate into their lifestyle.
BSc Exercise Science - University of Auckland. Sports Massage - Auckland University of Technology
Weight Loss
Strength Sports
Contact Info
Email: trainsmartertrainharder@gmail.com
Phone: +642108243033
Website: https://www.trainsmartertrainharder.com/
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