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Nutrition Solutions Anne Guzman

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Nutrition Solutions Anne Guzman
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Anne has been working with athletes in Sports Nutrition for over a decade. Having been an athlete her entire life and racing road bikes for 10 years, Anne is very familiar with the lifestyle of elite athletes and how powerful nutrition is for both performance and overall health. Whether you are lacking energy, not recovering well, missing the kick at the end of a race or falling off the group every time there is an acceleration, it's very possible that nutrition is a part of the solution, assuming your training is in place and adequate for reaching the fitness you need for the events you are entering. Anne works with each athlete to learn what works for them and their particular lifestyle. Some athletes are full time professionals and others are weekend warriors. Both will need different approaches and the customization is key. Endurance sports require good sports nutrition. Nutrition can definitely be the difference between good and great. Don't miss the opportunity to maximize your potential. You put in the hard work, now reap the rewards by getting every edge you can.
HBA Kinesiology, RHN, PN1, over 10 years of working with athletes in sports nutrition.
Contact Info
Email: guzmannutrition@gmail.com
Website: nsag.ca
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