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Nutrition with Tressa

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Nutrition with Tressa
About Me: I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I also have a Bachelors of Science from the University of Houston, specializing in Hotel and Restaurant Management, which has familiarized me with food and safety. I worked at a Health and Wellness Center for 13 years. I worked in the doctor's office, pharmacy and vitamin store for the same doctor. For the last 5 years that I worked there I was the director of the vitamin company. We read about multiple health and wellness books a year. I managed a small team of 7-8 people including several nutritionists. I also got my Holistic Nutrition certification to understand better what my staff was having to learn. It was very eye opening to me! I realized that the vitamin supplements should not be used as a foundation for health, but rather as a compliment to healthy eating habits. I'll probably always take vitamins to maximize my health, but I take a few less now. Whenever possible I try to eat whole food and plant based. In 2021 this led to me becomming a long distance runner, and I ran 3 5K races and 2 10k races. I feel great! In 2023 my goal is a Half Marathon. :) What are your goals? I can't wait to talk about them and help you achieve them!!
Certified Holistic Nutritionist Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management Worked at the Hotze Health and Wellness Center for 13 years
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Phone: 832-971-5719
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