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Surviving to Thriving

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At 29 I was taking 27 prescriptions and had just been told I maxed out on nausea meds. I was barely living as it was, even going to school to learn how to grow my own food because everything at the store seemed to make me sick. I was throwing up daily, barely able to breath or get out of bed. From that I knew I had 2 choices; no longer live or completely commit to a new lifestyle. I choose food and lifestyle, following the Body Ecology Diet within a month I was up at 8 am walking my dog without inhalor's. Within 2 months I was off all allergy and asthma medications. 3 months later I was officially off all 27 prescriptions, full of energy and life. I never looked back. I spent 2 years finishing the horticulture program, then went on to Bauman to study holistic nutrition. Now I'm on a mission to help others get control of their own lives...go from surviving to thriving!
Bauman College
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Email: smpgrl@icloud.com
Phone: 9253483497
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