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Take Charge with Sarge

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Take Charge with Sarge
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At Daily Regimens by Mindful Casted, our A.I.-based wellness and accountability coaching technology generate wellness routines and regimens based on your mood, needs, and wellness quiz results. Instead of time frames and achievements, we focus on your mental well-being and mood to help you to accomplish your wellness and life goals. Learn. Grow. Repeat. Creating the Mindset of Change! How hard is it to change? How hard is it to change your mindset? Let’s examine the answer to this question mindfully and by the numbers. If you repeat the same habit at least once a week, in one year you will have repeated that habit 52 times. Say you repeated the same habit twice a week, you have now repeated the habit 104 times a year. And if you repeat the same habit three times a week, you have repeated the same habit 156 times a year. These numbers add up quickly, but we are only talking about weekly habits! Can you imagine how astronomical these numbers become when considering daily habits? Our good and bad habits and behavior hide in plain sight. Our job is to practice mindfulness, meditation, and awareness so that we can see unconscious behavior and how it affects our lives.
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