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Thin Microbiome and Brain

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Thin Microbiome and Brain
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Dilia Suriel has written several books on the neurology of addictions and the microbiome. Her expertise is in empowering individuals dealing with addictions or with impoverished microbiomes to gain access to powerful tools which support them in achieving their goals. Different from most coaches, Dilia’s focus is on biometrics, the data that validates the effectiveness of the custom protocols that Dilia designs for each client. She was trained as a scientist at a prestigious university where she majored in physics and mathematics. After undergraduate school, she pursued a master's degree first in electrical engineering, before finally settling in computer science. During her corporate career, she worked in the computer industry culminating in director-level positions while managing various international consulting projects. Because of her strong analytical skills and Latin compassion, Ms. Suriel is a world-class coach with an impressive track record of helping hundreds of individuals around the world. She has worked in eight distinct cultures in South and North America. Despite her left-brain dominance, she loves poetry and sings Latin jazz. Ms. Suriel woke up one day knowing that she needed to use her talents to solve complex problems and contribute to others. Her books are a testament to her commitment to contribute to the world. The books are thoroughly researched, scientifically-based explanation of the tools individuals can leverage to maintain a thriving lifestyle during our modern challenges. Dilia's commitment is to empower her clients.
Author of the following 10 books: The Thin Woman's Brain The Thin Microbiome: Fat-Burning Stomach Acidity, Leaky Gut, Gut Roaches, Detox, Richness, Biodiversity The Neurology of Peace, and Weight Loss Without Rebound
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Email: dilia@thinwomanbrain.com
Phone: 602-399-7645
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