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OPTIMISE HEALTH TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS When your health suffers, so does your work, family, outlook on life and enthusiasm to stick to a fitness programme. It needn’t be that way with ian@thrivepersonaltraining.co.uk. Remarkable things happen when you believe that optimising health is crucial for achieving your goals. Cue Thrive's unified programmes. Your programme will cover exercise, nutrition and lifestyle elements, with a spotlight on preserving or improving your general health. By unifying these elements you’re able to thrive, rather than just survive, in life. Are you ready to thrive? OUR PRINCIPLES - Health trumps everything: Poor health limits potential. - Personal responsibility: We're ready if you are. - No bollocky nonsense: Straight talking programmes which work. - Teach a man to fish: Understanding how and why ensures results last. - Progress over perfection: Life happens; we get it. 3 REASONS THRIVE IS UNIQUE 1. Our principles 2. Ian's background in corporate life and boardrooms 3. Thrive's unified approach to reaching your goals FIND OUT MORE If you fancy a chat over coffee on the beach in Bournemouth, let Ian know. It's a great place to escape life for a while and plan a healthier future. Failing that: Email: ian@thrivepersonaltraining.co.uk Mobile: 07900 692014 Web: www.thrivepersonaltraining.co.uk Articles on the art of thriving: www.thrivepersonaltraining.co.uk/articles WORKING TOO MUCH TO EXERCISE? Make sure you read this article on how exercise during the working day improves your performance at work, home and play: https://thrivepersonaltraining.co.uk/exercise-during-working-day/
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Email: info@thrivepersonaltraining.co.uk
Phone: +44 7900 692014
Website: https://thrivepersonaltraining.co.uk
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