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Tracy Mawhorter- MCS Coaching Services

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Tracy Mawhorter- MCS Coaching Services
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10 years ago, Tracy was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis and was advised to replace both hip joints. Not satisfied with her prognosis, she instead sought to educate herself about the sources of inflammation as well as natural solutions to reduce inflammation in the body. This journey led Tracy to adopt a primarily plant-based diet and obtain a Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance degree. However, she found that the most difficult element of making a lifestyle change was from a behavior standpoint. Consequently, Tracy also became certified in the 7-step, "Tiny Habits" behavior redesign program that focuses on the science behind successful habit formations. Tracy combines this 7-step process with a personalized approach that focuses on transitioning you to a more healthful diet with foods that you already enjoy. Tracy gathers detailed information regarding what foods you typically eat along with healthy foods you already enjoy to create a personalized menu. Tracy also reviews which foods to avoid and how they may be contributing to any health conditions. Afterwards, Tracy and her clients create a mutually agreed upon implementation plan that is tailored to each client’s schedule, life needs, and personality.
Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance, Tiny Habits Behavior Modification Certified Coach
Weight Loss
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Phone: 602-803-1501
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