CRON-O-Meter Stand-alone Download

The original version of CRON-O-Meter is still available for download. However, we highly recommend using the web version instead as it has more features, a bigger database, and you can access your data from anywhere. For those that prefer the stand-alone version, you can download it below.

What's new in Version 0.9.9?

  • Updated to USDA sr24
  • Upgraded to Swingx 1.6.2

What's new in Version 0.9.8?

  • Updated to USDA sr23
  • Update CRDB foods with new submissions from Michael Rae
  • Added data export support for

What's new in Version 0.9.7?

  • Updated to USDA sr22
  • Update CRDB foods with new submissions from Michael Rae
  • Dropping universal binary support for Mac OS X
  • Added rudimentary exercise tracker (Patch submitted by Ryan Dortmans)
  • Added multi-file food import (Patch submitted by Ryan Dortmans)

What's new in Version 0.9.6?

  • Fixes crash in User Preferences Dialog when using Java 1.6.0_14.

What's new in Version 0.9.5?

  • Updated food data to USDA sr21

What's new in Version 0.9.4?

  • Fixed data corruption bug that could make some users unable to save or load their history.
  • Fixed bug on some systems day comparisons were using system time (UTC) instead of local time

What's new in Version 0.9.3?

  • Updated to USDA sr20, which includes many new foods and more values for Choline.
  • Fixed Search Focus Bug in Max OS 10.5 (Leopard)
  • Ability to track multiple users at once, includes the copying servings between users and common recipes.

What's new in Version 0.9?

  • Improvements to data entry
  • The derived Omega-3 and Omega-6 are now more accurate than in previous versions.
  • Vitamin E's %DV was previously incorrect (was 30 mg instead of 20.14 mg)
  • Other minor bug fixes

What's new in 0.8.0?

  • Food database upgraded to USDA sr19
  • Added nutrient data for Choline, Caffeine, and Fluoride.
  • Search results can be sorted by rank or alphabetically by clicking column headers
  • Updated CRDB
    • Updated nutrition information for CRDB:00006 -- Brewer's Yeast Lewis Labs
    • Added several new foods to CRDB
    • Added corrected version of USDA's Almond Butter
  • Remembers last window size and position
  • System Tray icon for handy access (Requires Java 6 to be installed)
  • Added daily note pad for keeping free-form notes for each day
  • New Help Browser and help content
  • Fixed typo: Cholesterol was incorrectly labeled in grams instead of milligrams.

What's new in 0.7.0?

  • Simplified main window with pop-up food searches.
  • Improvements to main nutritional summary display.
  • Added toolbar button to copy previous day's items to the current day.
  • Added toolbar button to return to the current day.
  • Several windows and dialogs are now resizable
  • Search results are scored using a smarter formula
  • Simplified HTML in Nutritional Report export
  • Added cut, copy, and paste shortcuts to selected servings
  • Removed beep when typing a decimal as first digit of a measure
  • Fixed several bugs with save/cancel of foods and recipes
  • Fixed bug in DRI suggestions: Women were being given values for men.

What's new in 0.6.0?

  • Fixed a bug in the P:C:F ratio calculator (it now subtracts fiber!)
  • Added basic printing for recipe lists

What's new in 0.5.0?

  • Fixed a bug that could lead to corruption and loss of food history
  • Reworked the flow of the target settings
  • DRI calculations added for calories
  • P:F:C nutrient targets default to 30:40:30, with customizable ratios