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The Food Feminist

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The Food Feminist
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Hi my name is CHIDI…. I am The Food Feminist! I work with women to create a step by step plan of lifestyle changes that engage the mind and body to improve their health, reprogram their hormones and regain control of their body. My journey began after a routine mammogram check where I was given the surprising diagnosis of breast cancer in my right breast, with no lump, bump or outward visible sign.. I was devastated. The Doctor gave me no alternative other than to schedule me immediately for Surgery and Radiotherapy followed by a 5-year course of hormone therapy all of which seemed so drastic and fear based. As you can imagine, this news left me shocked, confused and afraid of what the future would hold for me and my family, surely there had to be an alternative solution to what was being offered. But unfortunately, my Doctors were only allowed to prescribe the conventional toxic medicines, but still could not guarantee that I would be cancer free by the end of the treatments. This led me on a path of research to seek out the information that would help me to heal in a more natural way as Mother Nature intended. After a year of solid research, I put my diploma in Holistic Nutritional Therapy to good use and developed this site as a means to help other women who, like me are given a diagnosis and then shuffled along the conveyor belt of conventional medicine without being given the option of choosing a more holistic approach to healing. I call this approach 'Nutritional Re-Programming' helping women follow a plant based diet to nourish & fuel their bodies to encourage their own healing
SNHS Adv.Dip Holistic Nutrition
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