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Confluence Coach, LLC; Lauren Costantini, PhD

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Confluence Coach, LLC; Lauren Costantini, PhD
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Boulder, CO, USA
Lauren C. Costantini, PhD Lauren has been known to ‘Take the Leap’ many times in life. Her circuitous path started as a singer and dancer in New York, followed by a PhD in Neuroscience, then on faculty at Harvard Medical School developing treatments for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. She holds several patents, has published multiple peer-reviewed publications and has written many book chapters and on-line columns. She moved to San Francisco to climb the corporate ladder, then headed to Boulder where she became the CEO of a wearable sensors company. Her TedXTalk describes how, by accessing the data our bodies are constantly radiating, we can elevate ourselves to our highest potential. pic image showing hand model ring Daily Camera copy.jpg A nationally-ranked professional bike racer, Lauren won the bronze medal at Mountain Bike Masters World Championships, and often pondered how to make cycling a career. After 5 years as CEO, Lauren realized the top of the career ladder was not as fulfilling as expected. She resigned as CEO, traveled the country solo in a sprinter van for 4 months, and hatched P.E.D.A.L. Mountain Bike Adventures, which quickly became as successful as it was fulfilling. LCC at 2019 -Stone-Temple-MTB-Camp2-175 copy.jpg After facing back fusion surgery in 2019, she spent 3 months recovering on the couch and researching scientific peer-reviewed journals to identify the best foods to enhance her recovery. She did not realize that her findings would not only provide a miraculous recovery from surgery, but also elevate her performance and vitality after her recovery. With changes in her nutrition, fine-tuning her strength program, and shaking up old habits, she became stronger in all her athletic activities, leaner and more defined in body composition, found unlimited energy, and overcame her troubled sleeping. She’s literally turned back the clock, and wants to share this knowledge with you.
BS in Biology and Chemistry PhD in Neuroscience Post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School Science Nutrition at Stanford University
Weight Loss
science-based wellness
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Phone: 14158163715
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