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Cronometer encourages you to not just count your calories but to focus on your nutrition as a whole.

Our app will assist you on your path to a healthy diet. Whether you are doing Keto, Vegan, Paleo, a restrictive diet recommended by your doctor, or any other diet - we are completely customizable to you!

Cronometer is the only app that verifies its nutrition database, and user-submitted foods are checked by our staff before being added to our database.

Our users love us because they can trust our app, get incredible customer service, and because we supply the most nutrition info for free!

Over 4 million users

Accurate database

Data privacy & security

Cronometer helps you track your diet.

You can use Cronometer to develop healthy habits. Count your calories, ensure you're meeting nutrient targets, and see your progress over time.

Track up to 82 micronutrients

Log your meals and track all your macro and micronutrients for free.

Log meals, exercise & biometrics

Plus, you can create custom foods, recipes, exercises and biometrics!

Valuable reports
& charts

See how nutrients & biometrics correlate over time.

Custom diet settings

Set your own weight, macro and nutrient targets to meet your goals.

Fasting timer

Track your intermittent fasts and see their effect over time.

Diet support

Whether you’re on Keto, Paleo, Vegan or a diet recommended by your doctor.

Sync Cronometer with activity trackers, Apple Health and Google Fit.

Love from our Users.

No matter what diet you're on, this app is amazing!

So I recently started the plant-based diet and just knew I wasn't getting enough of certain things. After a week of using the app I had better concentration on how much protein I was missing out on and knew I had to throw in more shakes and just food in general. I think whether you're doing a plan-based or carnivore diet, it's worth to see what nutrients you're missing out on.

Reliable Macros!

I started Keto in July. MyFitnessPal seemed pretty cool. Spent hours setting it up and entering recipes only to discover the macros were not reliable due to all the contributions by the community. I was so frustrated. Then I found a review of several apps (on the Keto Mojo website) and discovered I wasn't the only one concerned about unreliability of the macros on both MFP and CarbManager (tried that too). Behold Cronometer! I love this app. It draws from nutrition databases with minimal community contributions so much, much more reliability. There are many more free features. The user interface is easy to navigate. I'm very happy with Cronometer.

I cannot give this enough stars. It needs 10!

This has been the best app to help me eat healthier and recognize what I'm missing in my nutrition! I teach nutrition at a college and I would recommend it to everyone I know! I have been using it for almost a month and it's the first app I open in the morning. I look at it and scan barcodes all day long! It's so fun and there's so many fun things about this app!

Cronometer is proudly Canadian

Independently owned and operated by people who care about their users.

Cronometer's headquarters are based in the idyllic mountain town of Revelstoke, BC, Canada. We are a team of 20+ professionals brought together by a love of nutrition, skiing and the great outdoors.