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D&G Optimized Wellness and Hormones, LLC

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D&G Optimized Wellness and Hormones, LLC
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Allow us an opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are both Emergency Medicine Trained Physicians who have always had an interest in Evidence-Based Medicine. In a forever-changing scientific world, medicine and research constantly add to what was known, and staying at the forefront of information simply makes sense to us. Rather than dusting off ancient texts, it’s more logical to ask, “what does the new research show”. During the early part of the pandemic, we found ourselves longing for an opportunity to help people who wanted to help make their health and well-being better and provide the tools needed to reach their goals. We added to our education and are now graduates of Worldlink Medical’s Advanced Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Training. During training, we were mesmerized that some of what we learned many moons ago should be displaced by new information published in our own medical journals. In conjunction with a desire for change, an interest in regaining vitality, and the realization that your previously failed efforts may not be your fault. We know that Bio-identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) can open the door to taking your health back. Whether you know something about BHRT or are new to the concept, we would love to meet you and explain how we can help you on your journey to aging gracefully with vibrance and vigor.
We are a two physician practice
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Phone: 8638992404
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