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Khelga Ivanova Coopper ND, IFMCP, GCRN

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Khelga Ivanova Coopper ND, IFMCP, GCRN
Registered Dietitian (RD, RDN)
Academic Lecturer, Public speaker
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She uses epigenetics (the study of how the internal and external environment affects gene expression), and her area of expertise is systemic and chronic environmental and stress load, specifically how it affects immune system response and reduces its resilience, the brain and gut axis, and causes inflammation, premature ageing, and subpar health. To work with Khelga to prevent or treat cognitive decline, please contact Apollo Health. A dedicated promoter of prevention and avoidance of diseases, this clinical researcher and scientist is focused on personalising science to individual needs and translating science into clinical applications to seek improvements in health. In the root cause approach, she focuses on addressing the underlying inflammation first, identifying what drives the inflammation, and building cellular resilience. She participates in scientific round tables. Expert in gastrointestinal health, underlying inflammation, and immune response. From a nutritional perspective, she understands individual requirements, individual biochemical make-up, and metabolism, and is known for reversing complex gastrointestinal conditions and putting autoimmune conditions in remission. Oftentimes, these conditions are not the disease per se but a manifestation or symptom of deeper underlying problems. She uses a multidisciplinary approach. Her multidisciplinary collaborative practice focuses on delivering knowledge and education, promoting scientific literacy, and and translating the complexities of science into a simple, accessible language and treatments. Cutting edge clinically proven and clinically relevant treatments and devices to help individuals to treat the root cause, and to get educated on what is relevant for their individual health optimisation. A correct nutritional strategy at a particular time plays a crucial part in the healing process. Cronometer is our tool by choice and experience. Link to The Institute for Functional Medicine:
Credentials IFM, BANT, ANP, CNHC, GCRN (General Council and Register of Naturopaths), GNC (General Naturopathic Council), BSEM (British Society for Ecological Medicine), The Royal Society of Medicine, ESIM (European Society for Integrative Medicine), ISEAI (International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness), FMU
CIRS Gut Immunity Brain Alzheimer's PANS PANDAS
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Phone: +34638021567
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