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Manic Fitness

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Manic Fitness
Hello, My Name is Mike Cassidy. I strive every day to improve upon myself for one reason, show my daughters that in life you can succeed & hopefully inspire them to do the same. I am asked all the time "What made you decide to become a Wellness Coach and Master Trainer?". First a little back story. I was the normal professional with a great hourly job who suffered a traumatic injury that left me in poor health. Eventually, I found myself a man of 310 pounds and suffering from a very progressive autoimmune disease broken and cane reliant. The physicians told me, "You will most likely not survive the decade". The thought of my children growing up without me was unfathomable. I decided to change the prognosis and in turn change the outcome. That day I started my next journey of education, determination and motivation towards my own person health and wellness. Terrified, yet unencumbered with doubt I pushed forward. Education and perseverance became my best friends till the day my doctor said those magical words; "You did it, the disease is driven back and stable in remission. Now go tell your story, its inspiring." I remember the tears that flowed from my eyes as I realized I now will be standing proudly with my children as they grow in life. I realized that day, we are not defined by our circumstances; we are the architect of them. We can choose to allow them to chain us; or choose to use them towards our personal growth. My new goal, vision & dream is to use my education, journey and empathy to help anyone that is willing to change their circumstances; to grow beyond and become more. We are all beautiful!; but are we our most vibrant person that has health, longevity & stamina? If not, seek it out, not for yourself, but for all those you love.
Wellness Coach, NASM - Master Trainer Behavioral Change Specialist, BCS Corrective Exercise Specialist, CES Fitness Nutrition Specialist, FNS Certified Nutrition Coach, CNC Senior Fitness Specialist, SFS
Corrective Exercise
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Phone: 3157489384
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