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Michelle Ciavola

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Michelle Ciavola
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In 2017, my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. As with most cancer diagnoses, it came as a complete shock to our family. We found ourselves saying, "How on earth could this have happened? She was so healthy!" ​Within days of diagnosis, we were swept into a new world where we felt forced to make important, life-altering decisions immediately, yet lacked the certainty of knowing if we chose correctly. ​The doctors didn't have any answers other than her cancer was just "bad luck." So, I spent hours researching, participating in message boards and talking to anyone I could in an attempt to find answers. During the course of my research, I found The Metabolic Approach to Cancer by Dr. Nasha Winters. Dr. Nasha's book explained how, rather than a genetic defect, most cancers were a metabolic process. I began to see how my mom's cancer actually took root years prior and how there were warning signs we missed along the way. Working one-on-one with Dr. Nasha, we began to employ many additional therapies to support my mom as she underwent surgery, chemotherapy and then recovered from treatment. We assessed her entire terrain and began to make changes that would shift her health, improve her terrain and make her body less hospitable to cancer. ​Those approaches made a world of difference. My mom experienced very few lasting side effects and looked healthier at the end of her treatment than in the years prior. She continues to work with a terrain-trained doctor, monitoring her bloodwork every three months and making changes where necessary. Witnessing firsthand the difference a metabolic approach to cancer made in my mom's life, I enrolled in Dr. Nasha's Terrain Advocate Program and graduated in 2022. The program is an intensive course that educates and prepares advocates to support patients and help them implement the metabolic approach to their own cancer healing journey.
Terrain Certified Network Advocate (Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health)
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