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I'm Charlie Gutierrez, a certified Nutrition Coach who obtained my certification through Precision Nutrition, a global leader within the Nutrition field. With over a decade of nutrition education and experience working with hundreds of clients through my current job, I've gained insight on helping individuals achieve their health goals. My passion for nutrition stems from my personal journey. At the age of 16, I weighed my heaviest at 320 pounds (145.45kg) and was told by my doctor that I could die by my 25th birthday if I continued this path. Along the way, I experienced being scammed and misinformed about nutrition, which led to taking shortcuts using weight loss supplements and medications like ephedra, phentermine, and OTC fat loss pills. I was a yo-yo dieter, experiencing only short-term weight loss success. Determined to make a lasting change, I decided to educate myself on nutrition and how food works in the human body. My personal journey led me to lose over 120 pounds and compete in the men's physique division of bodybuilding. Now, I strive to live a healthy lifestyle that brings happiness and be pain-free. As a coach, my focus is on learning as much as possible about each of my clients to create a realistic plan that best suits their health goals and provides the lifestyle they deserve to live. I'm compassionate, understanding, and dedicated to helping you achieve long-term success. Book your consultation with me by clicking the link provided!
Certified Nutrition Coach PN (Precision Nutrition)
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Phone: 702 556 8015
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