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706 S High Point Rd, Madison, WI 53719, USA
In 2010, I started training clients in-home while working as a paralegal. I decided to commit to helping people achieve fitness full-time in 2012 when I moved to Chicago to train at XSport Fitness. Since then I've trained hundred's of clients, have mentored dozens of personal trainers, and have now decided to start my own company focusing on the client and helping them achieve a healthier life through fitness and nutrition in an environment they are comfortable with. In my experience, nutrition has been my clients biggest challenge. I am a Precision Nutrition Coach and recently enrolled into their Level 2 coaching program. I was also mentored by Sam Miller for the Functional Nutrition and Metabolism Science Certification. This certification is a game changer as it focuses on understanding, repairing, and optimizing your biometric feedback through lifestyle, training, and nutrition. In other words, whether it's weight loss or weight gain, it is more than just "moving more" and "calories in vs. calories out". To achieve our goals, we need to look at the entire picture like your sleep, hunger, recovery, energy, digestion, and stress; and then make adjustments to your lifestyle based on these self-evaluated components, and in some cases, based on your blood test results. This is super big as I will be able to offer clients something that very few other coaches can offer. I have trained all sorts of common people looking to improve their fitness, have more energy, feel better, move pain free, lose weight, gain weight, and improve their sport performance. I've trained athletes as young as 10 and those in their 80's. I thrive on challenging clients. So wherever you are in your journey to living a healthier life, I can help you get there. It won't be easy, you'll feel frustrated at times, but as long as you are honest with me, you will always have my support in your pursuit of living a healthier and fitter life.
Precision Nutrition (enrolled in Level 2) Functional Nutrition & Metabolism Sciences Clean Health Nutrition Coach L1, L2, L3 Pain Free Performance Specialist-Masters Certified
Weight Loss
Build Muscle, hormonal issues
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Phone: 608-770-1359
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