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Hello hello! My name is Gabriella Fonseca! I am an ISSA certified personal trainer + sports nutritionist based in Danville KY. I am a wife + mother of two boys, so I know exactly what it means to be pressed for time + pulled from all directions. Life is pretty unpredictable, but I am convinced that this does't have to keep you from achieving your goals! In 2018/2019, when my first son was about 1, I was drawn to weight lifting. Before this, I had been spending hours running or doing HIIT workouts with hopes of becoming skinny. I would starve myself by trying all kinds of fad diets + I was so confused as to why my 800 calorie diet was not getting me where I was. Truth is, I wanted curves. I wanted shape to my body + I just figured I wasn't built for that. Shrinking was the only way to be content with my body. Then one day it dawned on me. Finally I realized that I could in fact achieve the goals I desired, but it was not by using the methods I had previously tried. It was through weight training + eating far more than I was used to. So I decided to change my whole life + I haven't stopped lifting since! In 2021 I became certified as a personal trainer + sports nutritionist. My goal is to help guide people; especially young mothers like myself in their fitness journey + to lead them to confidence. Working with me, you will learn to eat in a way that fuels your daily activity + fits your lifestyle. I will teach you to lift weights + to love movement. Most importantly, you will learn that caring for yourself is essential to your ability to care for others. Strong is beautiful. You are beautiful. Now lets see what confidence looks like on you!
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