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Refresh Your Soul

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Refresh Your Soul
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77 Scripps Dr, Sacramento, CA 95825, USA
Since I was a little girl, I have been tinkering around in the kitchen playing with ingredients and creating dishes. I mastered my art later, finding myself in a culinary kitchen as a head cook. Soon followed the cultivating of my earthy nature and my drive for nutrition. I discovered the raw food community and fell in love with holistic health. I dove in and became a master creator of food in the wellness industry. Two things motivate me: health and fitness. Throughout my life, I struggled with an eating disorder, which naturally drove me to educate myself and find recovery. As a national fitness athlete, I found out fitness does not equal health. I felt the inner conflict of the differing philosophies. I wasn’t living in my power. I was out of integrity. It became my mission. So, I refreshed my soul! That’s the beginning of the vision of my business and the product line I offer. I aligned myself with my soul and my gifts. Due to the damage, I have done to my body physically, I have been on a journey to heal others and myself. I now have a practice that has many services, all of which align with what my soul calls me to do and completes who I am.
B.S. Nutrition Science, Certified Sports Nutritionist, holistic Nutrition
Weight Loss
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Phone: 916-410-2234
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