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Your Lean Life LLC

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Your Lean Life LLC
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I have always had a passion to educate. Most of my adult life I was overweight. I tried various diets, to some degree of success, but I never really learned HOW to eat to sustain a healthy weight. I certainly didn't understand any progress beyond the scale weight, either. I counted points, drank shakes, ate bars, all the while not knowing about nutrition. The weight went...and came back...and went...and I was on a constant yo-yo of dieting because nothing was sustainable. I hadn't actually received any education or knowledge about how to eat. When I went back to college for Dental Hygiene, I learned a lot more about science and our bodies and started to understand nutrition much more. That didn't mean I applied it and my weight continued to fluctuate, topping out at 275# at 5'8". The icing on the cake was after I had a hysterectomy and the hormones changed! NOTHING was working! I "ate healthy" and "exercised" and nothing would change...until I found out about Keto/Low Carb/Paleo and counting MACROS while eating in a deficit. The weight started to come off and kept coming off. Finally I found what I needed, to feed my body the foods it needs to function while not feeding it too much and not feeling deprived. What is the best diet to lose weight? The one you can sustain! I would now like to help YOU learn what it takes to attain your goals of getting Lean, help keep you motivated by providing support and teach you the tools for staying Lean for the rest of your life. For Your Lean Life.
ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, PN Level 1 Coach, Menno Henselmans PT
Weight Loss
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Email: YourLeanLife@yahoo.com
Phone: 832-289-0489
Website: www.YourLeanLife.com
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