How to Stop Nighttime Snacking

Nighttime Snacking

If you struggle with ‘nighttime snacking’, ‘nighttime noshing’ or the ‘midnight munchies’, you’re not alone. In fact, this annoying little habit is by far the most common dietary complaint I hear in my nutrition practice. When I ask clients the 5 W’s of their snacking situation, the answers I usually receive are: chips; after supper; […]

Timestamp your diary items


  Hi Everyone! We are happy to announce our newest feature for our gold subscribers: Timestamps! You can now set the time for any piece of data you log on Cronometer, including foods, exercise and biometrics. Cronometer will automatically set the time on an item to the time as you are logging it, but you can […]

“The Conversation”: How to Talk to Friends and Family About Tracking Your Nutrition

The Conversation

           When I first started using Cronometer, back when it was brand new, my friends thought I was anorexic, obsessive-compulsive, or just plain nuts (and not the high in Vitamin E kind!)  I had been vegetarian for ten years, hardcore vegan for five (no honey, no leather), and a low-fat zealot back in the nineties, […]

How to Find Credible Nutrition Information

In this further guest posting from Susan MacFarlane, RD, we discuss finding credible nutrition information. Nowadays, everyone seems to be an expert when it comes to nutrition advice: “Eat breakfast! Don’t eat until 12 pm!”; “Avoid carbs, they will make you fat! Fat makes you fat!”; “Only buy organic! Organic is a myth!” On top […]