Five Health Habits to Start the New Year Off Right

New Year New You

The time for reflection and resolution is upon us! And if you’re like most, the allure of a fresh start is too tempting to not set (or at least think about setting) a few New Year’s resolutions. But before diving in and resolving to lose weight, find love, or pay off your debt, take a […]

Coming Back to Cronometer

Cronometer App

Why Did We Leave Cronometer? It wasn’t really a breakup.  It’s not like we got mad at Cronometer.  We didn’t stomp off in a fury.  It was more of a gradual drifting away.  We started to Cron (that’s the verb form of Cronometer!) because we had a goal.  Perhaps it was weight loss.  Maybe it […]

Cronometer 2018: The year in Review

Happiest Holidays

Like every year before it, Cronometer had an amazing year of change and growth. But this year felt substantially different for us.  In 2018 we grew by over 75% and were able to double the size of our team.  Heading into 2019 we’ll be able to accomplish so much more than in previous years, and […]

Food Allergies vs Intolerances

Food allergy

Recent estimates suggest that 3.6% of Americans, or approximately 1 in 25 adults, live with a food allergy or intolerance (1). However, intolerance and allergy are not interchangeable terms for the same condition; rather, they represent two distinct conditions that involve separate systems of the body. Read on to find out more about what distinguishes […]