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MyPlate Alternative: Cronometer

New Update! You can now import your MyPlate data into Cronometer. Learn how. Welcome, MyPlate Users! Hearing the latest news of MyPlate discontinuing their app,

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5 Ways To Spread The #CronoLove

Spread The #CronoLove We’re not shy to admit – we LOVE you. Each and every one of you. We strive every day to help make


Goal Set Like a Boss

What is one dream you have always wanted to accomplish? There is a good chance you have one at the forefront of your mind –


Team Building Week at Cronometer

After a two-year hiatus the Crono Team, or the newly coined Cronomites, are all back together for a week of team building, talking shop and


Cronometer Welcomes SparkPeople Users

We’re sad to hear that SparkPeople will no longer offer nutrition and exercise tracking. This leaves current users looking for an alternative; we believe Cronometer