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From diet-specific recipes to customized biometric reports, get to know the nutrition habits that make your body thrive – and the app that tracks it all.

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Featured In
Joelle Beauchamp of Joey's Plate

Joelle Beauchamp
Joey’s Plate

“I tend to eat way less food than I need unless I track my nutrition. Cronometer has allowed me to avoid deficiencies on a vegan diet and to get back to my optimal shape in 6-8 weeks.”

Ilan Cumberbirch of Yard Athletics

Ilan Cumberbirch
Yard Athletics

“I love that Cronometer allows for the collection of tangible metrics; they don’t lie!”

Cheris Daly of Vegan in New Jersey

Cherise Daly
Vegan in New Jersey

“I’ve gained the knowledge of what foods include which specific nutrients, and as a result I’ve been able to more confidently talk to my doctor and nutritionist about my plans to stay on track.”

The Gold Difference

Cronometer Gold contains all the features you love from our basic version, but with some exclusive extras.
KY Drink Cup

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Log your meals
without interruption.

KY Clock

Customize Your Diary

Organize your meals and entries in a way that works for you.

Food & Recipe Sharing

Share your custom foods and recipes with your network.

Custom Reports

Customize your reports based on the data you want to see.

Fasting Timer

Track your intermittent fasts and see their effect over time.

Know Yourself Nutrition Scores

Custom Biometrics

Track symptoms, mood, sleep and other health-related metrics.

Know Yourself

Join the Cronometer Community and reach your health goals.

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