Month: May 2018

Cronometer: The Nutrition Super Tracker

Cronometer: The Nutrition Super Tracker The USDA will no longer offer food and physical activity tracking through SuperTracker, leaving current users looking for an alternative. Cronometer has garnered a reputation with fitness and nutrition experts as the most detailed and flexible nutrition tracking software available. Find out how Cronometer compares with SuperTracker and how to

Introducing Solids to Babies: 6 – 12 months

In this guest post, Susan Macfarlene discusses weaning baby along with how and when to introduce solid foods. Introducing solids to your little one can be a time of great excitement and even greater angst. Nutrition myths and misinformation abound online, and many parents feel pressure to feed their child a “perfect diet” (which, by

Adding Photos to Diary Notes

You asked, and we delivered! Our Gold and Pro subscribers can now add images to notes in the diary! We love getting feedback on what our user base is looking for, and this was one of the most sought-after features – we have a couple of big ones coming soon too, so keep an eye

Everything you Need to Know about Eating Plant-based: Part 2

Another post by our expert registered dietitian, Susan McFarlane. In this part 2 of the series, Susan continues discussion of plant-based food while getting all your required nutrients: Last month, I answered your burning questions related plant-based eating and nutrition. This month, I want to continue the discussion and provide clarity and guidance around some