Cronometer Introduces Two-Factor Authentication

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Your Privacy is Paramount

At Cronometer your privacy is paramount to us, which is why we are happy to announce we have become even more secure with the addition of Two-Factor Authentication.

What is 2FA?

Two-Factor Authentication is an authentication method in which a user is granted access only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence (or factors). Basically, it is the industry best practice for providing an additional layer of security to your Cronometer account.

What does this mean for you?

Adding Two-Factor Authentication to your account isn’t necessary – you can continue to use your account as normal. However, if you would like to ensure that your account is more secure here are the steps to turn 2FA on:

Enable 2FA

To enable this security feature go to the Settings tab.

To enable Two-Factor Authentication, download an authenticator app from the App Store or Google Play store such as Google Authenticator. Two-Factor Authentication is an optional additional security feature.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

1. Toggle on Enable Two-Factor Authentication to begin set up. You’ll be prompted to re-enter your password.

2. Tap on Link App Now to automatically link Cronometer to the Google Authenticator app.

    Alternatively, copy the code into your authenticator app.

    Tap on Next to continue.

3. Enter the 6-digit code generated by your authentication app. Click next to submit.

4. Once 2FA has been successfully enabled, a recovery code will be generated.



Without a code, we cannot recover your account.

This code will be required to recover your account in the event that you lose access to your authenticator app (ex. lost/damaged phone, accidentally deleted the authenticator app from your phone, etc.)

Add a phone number so that our agents can contact you and further verify your identity if there are any issues recovering your account.

Every time you login to your account, you’ll be prompted to enter the 6-digit code displayed in your authenticator app.

Recovering your Account

In the event that you’re unable to login to your account (lost/damaged phone), we can help you recover your account.

Email with the recovery code that you were given during 2FA setup.

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