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Welcome SparkPeople Users!

We’re sad to hear that SparkPeople will no longer offer nutrition and exercise tracking. This leaves current users looking for an alternative; we believe Cronometer can be that alternative! With 5 million users worldwide Cronometer has developed a reputation in the industry for supplying the most accurate and comprehensive nutrition data, as well as, the most customizable options to follow any diet.

We Share Your Values

Users who loved SparkPeople may find making the switch to Cronometer fluid as we subscribe to many of the same core values:
  • we don’t push fad diets, encourage drastic weight loss or endorse the use of diet pills or weight loss supplements.
  • like SparkPeople we encourage healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits, balance and provide unbiased nutrition information.
Where SparkPeople users will find added value in Cronometer is the depth of data we provide; helping individuals achieve unprecedented levels of health through holistic nutrition tracking.

A Seamless Switch

Cronometer users the same formula for determining an individual’s caloric needs and energy expenditures which means you can maintain the course you started through SparkPeople.

If weight loss is your goal we also have the same cadence options for sustainable and gradual weight loss, meaning you’ll reach your goals in the same amount of time. The macronutrient ratios (percentage of carbs, fats and protein) are also preset to the same ratio so you can seamlessly make the switch to Cronometer.

More Features to Love

If you’re ready to dive deep into your nutrition we have so many added features that can empower even more healthy decisions:

Free Features:

  • advanced Nutrition Reports
  • access to macronutrient and micronutrient data
  • diverse Exercise Database

Gold Subscription Features:

  • Diary Groups
  • Custom Food and Recipe Sharing
  • Diary Groups
  • Timestamps
  • Fasting

Join Our Amazing Community

Beyond the technical aspects of the app we feel confident that SparkPeople users will feel welcomed and supported by the Cronometer community. Our dedicated staff, myriad of professionals choosing Cronometer for their practices and extremely passionate user base all provide help, a vast array of knowledge and encouragement to each other.

Users have an option to join:

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