Custom Biometrics – Now on Mobile!

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Custom Biometrics now available on the Cronometer App

We are so happy to announce that Custom Biometrics are now available on the app, as well as the website version of Cronometer!

This feature is exclusive to Cronometer Gold subscribers. That means if you are a Gold user you can track anything and everything!

Weights at the gym. Headaches. Mood. You name it.

How to add a Custom Biometric:

You need to be a Cronometer Gold subscriber to access Custom Biometrics.

  1. Tap the orange + button at the bottom of the app screen.

  2. Select “Add Biometric”.

  3. Scroll to the bottom to find “Add Custom Biometric”.

  4. Enter in all the details of the biometric you want to track.

  5. Start tracking – then check it out in the Custom Charting Library.

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