Episode 11: Exploring Skin and Gut Health with Jennifer Fugo

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In this insightful episode, we welcome Jennifer Fugo, a clinical nutritionist specializing in chronic skin and gut challenges. Jennifer shares her wealth of knowledge on the gut-skin connection, the impact of antibiotics and diets on the gut microbiome, understanding food reactions, and the effects of topical treatments for skin conditions.

Key Points Discussed:

  • The gut-skin connection and its significance in overall health
  • The impact of antibiotics and certain diets on the gut microbiome
  • Understanding reactions to certain foods as indicators of gut health
  • The potential effects and considerations of topical treatments for skin conditions
  • Practical steps for managing skin conditions, including diet tracking, increased protein intake, and glycine supplementation
  • Encouragement for individuals struggling with chronic skin or gut issues and the importance of seeking help


Connect with Jennifer Fugo:

Key Notes

Gut-Skin Connection: Jennifer Fugo emphasizes the connection between gut health and skin conditions. She explains that the gut microbiome, the community of organisms living in our gastrointestinal tract, plays a crucial role in our overall health, including skin health.

Impact of Antibiotics and Diets on Gut Microbiome: She discusses the impact of antibiotics and certain diets (like the carnivore diet) on the gut microbiome. While antibiotics can deplete beneficial bacteria, their effects vary depending on the individual’s existing gut health. Long-term adherence to certain diets can also deplete the gut microbiome.

Understanding Food Reactions: Jennifer talks about the importance of understanding why certain reactions to foods occur. For instance, bloating after eating a high FODMAP food like garlic might indicate an issue with the gut microbiome, such as an overgrowth of bacteria.

Effects of Topical Treatments for Skin Conditions: She discusses the potential effects of topical treatments for skin conditions, such as antibiotics and steroids. While these treatments can be effective, they can also disrupt the body’s natural processes and potentially lead to other issues, such as topical steroid withdrawal syndrome.

Steps for Managing Skin Conditions: Jennifer suggests several steps for individuals dealing with skin conditions, such as increasing protein intake, tracking diet, ensuring regular bowel movements, and supplementing with glycine, an amino acid that can support skin health.

Encouragement and Resources: She concludes by encouraging individuals to seek help if they’re struggling with chronic skin or gut issues, and to not feel shame if they need to use medication to manage their symptoms. She mentions her podcast, The Healthy Skin Show, as a resource for more information.

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