Episode 23: Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Mindfulness Strategies to Unravel ADHD

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In this episode of Discovering Nutrition with Cronometer, we get a chance to chat with Dr. Kate Kresge. We dive into the significant role of nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and mindfulness in managing ADHD symptoms. Dr. Kresge, is a leading figure in medical education at Rupa Health and the host of the Root Cause Medicine Podcast. Dr. Kresge shares her expert insights on how a tailored approach to diet and natural interventions can dramatically improve the lives of those with ADHD. Through a blend of personal anecdotes, scientific research, and practical advice, this episode empowers listeners with the knowledge to harness the healing power of food and lifestyle choices.

Key Notes:

  • Understanding ADHD: An exploration of ADHD’s symptoms, types, and the common misconceptions that surround the diagnosis.
  • Nutrition’s Impact on Mental Health: The episode highlights the connection between dietary choices and ADHD symptoms, emphasizing the importance of certain nutrients such as vitamin D, zinc, iron, magnesium, B vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Natural Interventions and Lifestyle Changes: Dr. Kresge discusses the benefits of incorporating exercise, mindfulness practices, and specific dietary adjustments to manage ADHD effectively.
  • The Power of Diagnosis and Self-Awareness: A personal take on how understanding one’s condition can lead to targeted and effective management strategies, reducing feelings of guilt or inadequacy.
  • Practical Tips and Resources: Listeners are provided with actionable advice on how to utilize tools like Cronometer for dietary tracking, and the significance of consulting healthcare professionals for personalized care plans.


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Track your food, exercise and health metrics with the Cronometer app.