Episode 7: The Founders Episode

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In this insightful episode, the three founders of Cronometer, Aaron Davidson, Spencer D’Amelio and Brian Doherty share their journey in developing the app and its role in health and nutrition management. They discuss how Cronometer can provide a complete picture of an individual’s nutrition, making it a valuable tool in the medical community. They also share personal stories of how the app has helped them and others manage their health more effectively, from managing diabetes to recovering from significant operations.


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Key Topics

The Evolution of Cronometer: The team shares their journey in developing and improving Cronometer. They discuss how they originally met, how the company eventually landed in Revelstoke, BC, and the importance they place on company culture. They emphasize that they are heavily led by user feedback and that they are always working on making the app better.

The Role of Cronometer in Health: The team discusses the importance of Cronometer in providing a complete picture of an individual’s nutrition. They believe that the app can be a significant tool in the medical community, helping guide people through their health journeys, managing medical conditions, or recovering from diseases.

Cronometer and Diabetes: The team sees Cronometer as a valuable tool for people with diabetes, particularly in tracking their carbs and proteins. They believe that the app’s accuracy and in-depth food data make it a foundational piece for people using food as medicine, especially for those transitioning from being pre-diabetic.

Cronometer and Post-Operation Recovery: The team discusses the role of nutrition in recovery from significant operations. They believe that long-term nutrition can significantly impact recovery and that Cronometer can help people monitor and manage their nutrition during this period.

The Impact of Cronometer: The team shares personal stories of how Cronometer has impacted them and others. They talk about how the app has helped them identify nutritional deficiencies and manage their health better. They believe that the app can make a significant difference in people’s lives by helping them make positive changes in their nutrition.

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Track your food, exercise and health metrics with the Cronometer app.