Episode 8: Mastering Diabetes with Robby Barbaro

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In this enlightening video, Robby Barbaro, MPH, co-founder of Mastering Diabetes, shares his insights on insulin resistance, its role in diabetes, and how a low-fat, plant-based whole food diet can help reverse it. He shares his personal journey with diabetes, his experience with different diets, and the science behind his recommended diet. Robby also shares a powerful testimonial of a woman who reversed her type 2 diabetes by following his recommended diet.

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Key Points

Insulin Resistance and Diabetes: The speaker discusses the importance of understanding insulin resistance and its role in the development of diabetes. He emphasizes that insulin resistance starts even before pre-diabetes and there are things one can do to reverse it. He also highlights the importance of being glucose tolerant and the potential dangers of living in a state where one is glucose intolerant.

Diet and Insulin Sensitivity: The speaker shares his personal experience with a plant-based diet and how it impacted his insulin sensitivity. He stresses the importance of understanding the breakdown of carbohydrates in one’s diet and how different types of carbohydrates (fiber, fructose, glucose) impact insulin levels.

Low-Fat, Plant-Based Whole Food Diet: The speaker details the diet he recommends for reversing insulin resistance and potentially type 2 diabetes. This diet is low in fat (maximum of 30 grams of total fat per day or a maximum of 15 percent of total calories coming from fat), plant-based, and focuses on whole foods. He categorizes foods into green light foods (foods to eat in unlimited quantities), yellow light foods (foods to eat in moderation), and red light foods (foods to avoid or minimize).

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes: The speaker shares a testimonial of a woman who reversed her type 2 diabetes by following the diet he recommends. He explains that reversing type 2 diabetes involves improving insulin sensitivity, reducing A1C to a non-diabetic range, reducing insulin levels to an appropriate range, and maintaining these changes for at least a year.

Mastering Diabetes: The speaker introduces his platform, Mastering Diabetes, which provides resources and support for people looking to reverse insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes through diet. He encourages viewers to visit their website, take their insulin resistance quiz, and reach out with any questions.

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Track your food, exercise and health metrics with the Cronometer app.