An Interview With Nutrition Coach, Aaron Straker

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You know the popular movie quote “You had me at hello”? Well, Aaron Straker had us at his Instagram Bio. In particular the “evidence-based, diet and nutrition protocols” part. We love his scientific approach to health and fitness that gives his clients the edge! Get to know this passionate Cronometer-using coach today!

How Did You Learn About Cronometer?

I actually first learned about Cronometer a handful of years ago from internet weightlifting legend Clarence Kennedy. (@clarencekennedy_) He went vegan a while back and started leveraging Cronometer to track and make sure he was covering all his bases for certain micronutrients you might commonly find yourself deficient in.

What Is Your Favorite Cronometer Feature?

My favorite feature is hands down the depth of the nutrients reported from the databases like USDA and NCCDB. There is such a large focus on macros right now (for good reason, of course.) However macronutrients are really only surface level. I want to see the micronutrient depth and objective quality of your dietary intake. Cronometer helps put all of this right in front of you.

Tell Us About Your Coaching Practice

I coach primarily men, who are already in the gym and want to build a physique that represents the work they’ve been putting in. Most often this is with more lean muscle and a decrease in body fat. The first focus is on increasing nutrient density of a diet, and filling any nutrient deficiencies. I place a large emphasis on objectivity, and understanding. I don’t consider myself a part of any diet camp and ideology. I strive to adhere strictly to the math and science.

If you want to work with me or learn more about myself, my own diet, or Straker Nutrition Co. you can find more at or @aaron_straker.

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