Feature Friday: @dannygastin39

Meet Dan!

I first started using Cronometer while I was playing football at Cornell University. My schedule was super hectic: starting my days at 7am to getting back to my dorm at 8pm from practices (and even later on game days), I needed to fuel my body precisely in order to sustain my peak performance on and off the field.

Luckily, I came across Cronometer while perusing the App Store in between classes one day and I haven’t looked back since. Before turning to Cronometer, I was using another top competitor in the food tracking app realm and I felt that it wasn’t meeting my needs – its parameters made my logging experience tedious, to say the least. Because of this, Cronometer’s user-friendly interface and its unmatched nutrition database precision helped me make the decision to switch without hesitation.

All About Dan's Diet

Now that you’ve heard about why I love Cronometer, you’re probably wondering what I eat, right? As far as my diet goes, I’m a huge advocate for eating locally raised food (e.g. produce and meat). I believe knowing where my food comes from and being able to speak to the individual(s) who raise my food is imperative when it comes to living a sustainable lifestyle that’ll have the biggest return on investment for my health. 

With that said, I currently follow a diet that’s not tied to a specific “name” like “keto” or “intermittent fasting,” but I do adhere to one that’s high in protein (i.e. I aim to eat 1g of protein per my body weight), high carb, and low fat to sustain my active lifestyle that includes lifting weights, running, and mountain biking.

I’m glad  I came across Cronometer that day I was waiting for my next class, it’s made my life so much easier and my has helped me thrive in an area that can be utter bedlam for some.

Keep doing your thing, Cronometer!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Dan!

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