Feature Friday: @ej_vegketo

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Meet EJ!

Have you ever seen us use Nicholas Cage GIPHYs in our Instagram stories? Chances are they are a story share of our friend, EJ! She’s been a regular in our DM inbox since she discovered we had a floppy Nick Cage pillow at our Cronometer HQ. Since then we’ve been cheering this awesome and inspiring (she’s lost over 100 pounds) keto-vegetarian on!

Check out her interview below!

How did you learn about Cronometer?

I heard about Cronometer from Internet friend @keto.vegetarian.girl. She explained to me how the previous app I was using was not helping in my quest for accuracy with tracking my macros in order for me to get the best out of the calories I was consuming.

What is your favourite feature?

How can I choose??

The ease of scanning products is obviously a great feature. But, if an item isn’t readily available it’s so easy to add it in to the database for consideration.The macro calculator and ability to link to my fitness tracker really keeps me on track and avoiding under consumption. Eating enough for my BMR is often missed on other trackers and under eating really hampered my progress.

Tell us about your diet!

I eat a vegetarian ketogenic diet. After years of diet clubs and trying to control my diet alone I found keto and it was a game changer. Being able to use Cronometer no matter the diet or goal is amazing and allows me to recommend Cronometer to all my friends as the preferred tracking method.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!!

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