An Interview With Registered Dietitian And Cronometer Pro User, Emily Field

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Emily is a Registered Dietician that believes in a macro approach that empowers clients to confidently eat more, support their hormones and improve their metabolisms! After years of feeling hungry, bloated and unmotivated Emily reevaluated her diet and went back to basics. She now has straightforward approach that will decomplicate nutrition forever—and is here to help others get started on the path to eating without fear, guilt or stress. 

How Did You Learn About Cronometer?

I learned about Cronometer from other Registered Dietitians who use it with their clients! One of the features that first intrigued me was the ability to set macro and micronutrient goals, generate summary charts and collect data for my clients as their practitioner. It was a no-brainer switch from what I was using where I had to “friend” my clients to see their food diary.

What Is Your Favorite Cronometer Feature?

I love that nearly every single food in the database is available in gram weight. As a macro tracking dietitian, it’s important that foods are not simply listed in ounces, measuring cups or spoons. This can leave a lot of room for error – I mean, we’ve all seen the meme with the “tablespoon” portion of peanut butter compared to the weighed portion of peanut butter. I am always looking for ways to make macro tracking easy, so it can fit more seamlessly into someone’s life. By having gram weight available, it encourages my clients to use the food scale and further their understanding of proper portion sizes for them

Tell Us About Your Diet

I tend to eat macro-balanced meals – always with a little real food protein, fat and carbohydrates (PFC). Eating macro-balanced helps me stay full, satiated and energized all day long so I can avoid crashes, hangry or munchie cravings. Cronometer makes it super easy to track my macros so I can ensure I’m eating enough to support my favorite physical activities like Crossfit, olympic lifting and Orange Theory. When I can see a running total of my protein, fat and carbohydrate consumption up at the top of my home screen, I can build meals that help me stay on track with my goals.

Work With Emily

Do you want to work with Emily or learn more about this awesome RD? Check out her site!

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