Feature Friday: Glen John Jones, Author of Think and Grow Vegan

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Meet Glen John Jones!

If you’re looking to transition to veganism and don’t know where to start this book might be for you! The author, Glen John Jones, is a Personal Trainer, based in South London/Surrey.

He spent 27 years as an avid meat eater, then suddenly felt the urge to stop eating meat. Despite concerns and being scared to change at first, he could no longer fight his gut feeling and gradually made headway towards a plant-based diet. What’s more, he felt better than ever, and the transition was smoother than expected.

Alongside his story, he shines a light on common misconceptions about food, with easy-to-digest summaries of up-to-date research. 

Be sure to check out his book here!

How did you learn about Cronometer?

Like many people it would seem; one of my initial apprehensions when looking in on a plant-based diet before researching it fully was that it would lead to nutrient deficiencies. This had ultimately put me off even loosely considering it as a nutritional protocol!

A friend of mine had been plant-based for around a decade, and was fit, healthy and happy. Naturally, I was intrigued how he had got this far without suffering any adverse health effects.

When we sat down to talk about it in more detail (about 5 years ago now), he accredited Cronometer for providing him with a lot of integral knowledge related to the diet… and here we are!

What is your favourite feature based on the diet you follow?

Haha, I like many of its features!

I have been in the fitness industry since 2008, and I’ve never seen such a user-friendly database which goes into the detail of nutritional information Cronometer goes into. This is not just for the branded, household-name products, but for every single food ingredient you can think of.

Some of the classic nutrient deficiencies spoken of relating to a plant-based diet include: protein, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin D, iron, and omega-3. Cronometer showcases all of these. The omega-3 content for one is a particular highlight, as you’ll struggle to find this information on a food label or online.

Tell us about Think and Grow Vegan!

Just recently, I decided to take my passion for health and fitness that one step further by writing my first book; “Think and Grow Vegan – gradually adopt a plant-based diet in five stages”.

The book was released 30/7/19, and so far it’s going well. I have secured a partnership with a leading UK distributor, and is available from Amazon, Waterstones, Foyles, Blackwells and many more UK retailers, as well as some overseas.

I wrote it so hopefully everyone can get something from it. I wanted it to be inclusive so we can bridge the gap in society with mainstream knowledge between a conventional Western diet and a plant-based diet. Without all the ‘beef’—excuse the pun!

Sure, there’s lots of books out there on “how to go vegan” as such, but what I found upon my research on these was that they just wasn’t very readable from start to finish. MOST people couldn’t relate to them because they wouldn’t have even experienced what it’s like to reduce their meat intake—let alone go fully plant-based.

In Think and Grow Vegan, I reveal my journey from meat-eater to vegan through five stages: reduce, pescatarian, vegetarian, mostly vegan, and vegan. I also shine a light on common misconceptions about food, with easy-to-digest summaries of up-to-date research. My honest account will act as a guide for you if you decide to make the transition from any of these stages.

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