An Interview With Registered Dietitian Josette

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Josette is a Registered Dietician working with Stronger U Nutrition! Check out why she loves Cronometer (she’s a fellow data nerd) and learn all about her tailored coaching approach!

How Did You Learn About Cronometer?

I heard about Cronometer from a fellow RD who is a coach with the same company I work for (Stronger U Nutrition). She mentioned it as an alternative to My Fitness Pal so I gave it a try and haven’t looked back!

What Is Your Favourite Cronometer Feature?

My favorite feature is being able to keep an eye on all my nutrients each day, as opposed to having to just pick a few like with MFP. As a dietitian I like to “nerd out” on not just the macronutrient quality of my diet but also things like fiber and vitamins & minerals each day – if I’m really low on something one day, I’ll plan to include foods that are richer in that nutrient elsewhere in my week so I keep my diet well-rounded.

Tell Us About Your Coaching Philosophy

As I mentioned, I am a coach for Stronger U Nutrition. We do primarily macros-based nutrition coaching, but each Stronger U member is matched to a coach who customizes their plan for their goals (i.e. NO templates).

Our members come to us for help with weight loss, weight gain, athletic performance, or simply maintenance while optimizing body composition. My favorite part of my coaching practice is educating my members.

For example, especially for members who want to lose weight, I might recommend more protein than they’re accustomed to eating. Instead of just saying, “Eat it because it’s good for you,” I love to teach them exactly why I recommend a certain protein (or fat, or carbohydrate) intake and how my experience shows it will help them achieve their goals more effectively than some other method.

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