Losing 90lbs With Cronometer User, Lisa

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Lisa is amazing! Lisa is dedicated! Lisa is a phenom! How do we know this? Because Lisa lost 90 pounds and has maintained that weight loss! Check out our Q&A with her below to get to know all the details of her success!

How Did You Learn About Cronometer?

I heard about Cronometer from a coach at the gym.  I was stuck with my weight loss and he suggested using it to track my calories and so he could get a better understanding of my diet.

What Is Your Favourite Cronometer Feature?

I’m a data driven person, so I love the visual representation of my macro and micronutrients.  The Cronometer app is user friendly, which is is why I reccomend it to everyone.

What Kind Of Diet Do You Follow?

To lose the weight, I maintained a significant calorie deficit and cut out most grains and reduced my fat intake.  Now that I’m healthier and working on maintenance, I see a dietician and eat a balanced diet with lose macro targets.

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