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As word about Cronometer is getting out we are seeing so many people using the app for different purposes; weight loss, managing diabetes, monitoring the nutrition of tube-fed children… the list goes on and on. One of the areas we are gaining more traction is in the athletic world. People who have dedicated their careers to becoming athletes in various sports are linking comprehensive nutrition to their physical performance.

One of those athletes is the incredibly inspiring, very enthusiastic and passion-driven Daniele Pauli. This phenom from Switzerland has an impressive resume; he’s the IPF Masters 1 World Powerlifting Champion in 2018, the Swiss All-Time Record Holder with 840KG (yes, that’s 1800 pounds) and an Athlete on Strength Wars. We were pretty stoked to hear Cronometer was his nutrition tracker of choice and to get to know him a little bit better.

1. How did you hear about Cronometer?

I saw your App the first time in a vlog from Clarence Kennedy.

2. What is your favourite Cronometer feature?

I have several favorite features: I like the design of the app. It’s really well-arranged. Furthermore, I like that all micronutrients are listed – it’s really important for me to know how many micronutrients I eat during the day. I like that the app is simple, and that it’s running so stable. 

3. Tell us about your Powerlifting career?

Well, I started my strength training 24 years ago with the main reason to get stronger for my job as a blacksmith. I tried several sports like sprinting, squash, climbing. Everything changed when the Swiss champion from 2013 asked me if I wanted to start with powerlifting. I was already strong back then, but far away from my current level. I started to do national competitions in 2014 and I competed in the Nationals every year to get nominated for the World Championships. 

Last year I did my first IPF World Championships and became World Champion in Masters 1,  -105 kg weight class. Last year I also broke the all-time Swiss record with 840 kg total. It’s the highest total ever, reached from an anti-doping tested athlete in Switzerland in the history of Swiss powerlifting. I am very proud to represent my country this year at the IPF Worlds in Sweden. I will start in the open category -120 kg Bodyweight.

I am a very emotive person, eating is very connected to how I feel. As I will start in a higher weight category at the IPF Worlds I have to eat around 4500 – 5300 calories every day. With Cronometer, I found an app, that gives me constant feedback about how much and how good I am eating. I eat a lot more regularly when I use Cronometer on a daily basis. Thank you, Team Cronometer!

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