Feature Friday: Staffer Karen

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We like to talk about our Nutrition Scientist a lot. How cool is it that we have one on staff? This is the face behind that title! Karen is full of knowledge.

1. What kind of diet do you follow. Why?

While I am pregnant, I am aiming for healthy weight gain and to reach my micronutrient targets consistently for the growth and development of my little one.

I also try to eat smaller portions and eat more frequently throughout the day to manage my pregnancy symptoms – nausea and headaches in the earlier months, heartburn, fatigue and brain fog in these later months. The hanger is real! (but easy to cure with a snack).

2. What are the trials and tribulations of following this diet?

It’s hard to reach my micronutrient targets through food intake alone, so I take a prenatal supplement most days.

When the hunger strikes, it can be hard to keep my hand out of the cookie jar rather than spending time preparing and eating healthier options. But, I know it’s okay to have a treat too – especially when your coworkers bring in their delicious homemade baked goods!

3. What do you love about it? AND/OR Have you achieved your desired results?

I like tracking my food intake to be aware of my nutrition and keep me from forgetting about my increased micronutrient needs during pregnancy.

I have been gaining weight within the recommendations and things are going well so far!

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