Feature Friday: Staffer Spencer

Trust us, Spencer is more enthusiast about Intermittent Fasting than wearing a flower head garland… not that that would be challenging.

What kind of diet do you follow. Why?

I do intermittent fasting with an 8 hour eating window that starts around noon. With a new baby, little sleep and busy days, I find it is the easiest factor to control. I mostly make good, clean food choices but having a smaller eating window allows some flexibility there.

What are the trials and tribulations of following this diet?

If I get busy in the afternoon or evening and I don’t keep myself fed within that window, it’s easy to get really hungry, which leads to questionable food choices. It’s also really important to prep food regularly so I surround myself with healthy snacks and meals without sinking a ton of time into it every day. Food prep is key!

What do you love about it? Have you achieved your desired results?

I love it because it is hard to feel like I have eaten too much and I always have a good deal of energy during the day. Coffee helps too. I have dropped a lot of dad weight, and am very satisfied. Its also an easy thing to combine with other dietary practices.

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