Feature Friday: @weque_barfreakz

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Meet Weque!

How did you learn about Cronometer?

I found out about Cronometer back in 2017, I was mainly looking for an app that counted my macros and somehow stumbled across it, little did I know that Cronometer would be the spark of my health, wellness and plant based journey.

What is your favourite feature based on the diet you follow?

My favorite feature has to be the Complete Nutrient Summary, it’s insanely detailed, I’ve tried other apps but Cronometer is the best, every single micro nutrient is shown, it also shows you which vitamins and minerals you are lacking and which ones you are going over. I’ve actually helped a few friends go plant based and this app helps them out alot! I love the fact that it shows you from which food source you’re getting your vitamins from.

Why vegan?

I mainly did it for health reasons, I started out as a Wholefoods Plant Based Calisthenics athlete for about 5 months, after those 5 months I realized that you can get any micronutrient from the Earth and from the Sun, so why hurt these innocent beings if you can get it all without doing so? A whole foods plant based diet has been proven to not just reverse but prevent numerous killer diseases, not just that but mother nature is begging us to help her with the climate change. I choose cruelty free gains. I do it for the animals.

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