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Staying on track with your health goals through the holidays can be as easy as… well… taking candy from a baby. But, you wouldn’t ever do that. No, of course not… The holiday guide will do it for you.

Halloween marks a time of year when people begin tracking their food less. The Holiday guide is here to assist you.

12 treat-size Snickers from your kiddo’s Halloween bag in – but they are so little, they don’t count right? – followed by a massive Thanksgiving dinner which takes us straight into Christmas. And who doesn’t love all the holiday goodies – sugar cookies, chocolate oranges and everyone’s favourite Christmas cake (does anyone actually like this?).

With all the merriment and feasting you might as well quit and give up on those hard-fought gains you busted your butt for all year long. Right?


Celebrating doesn’t have to mean sacrificing. Sacrificing anything – yourgains or the goodies. Read on for some quick tips and tricks to help you stay the course so you sail into the New Year feeling great!Celebrating doesn’t have to mean sacrificing. Sacrificing anything – yourgains or the goodies. Read on for some quick tips and tricks to help yorse so you sail into the New Year feeling great!

Choose Your Indulgences

Instead of filling up on things you could eat all year round choose your favourite treats and budget for the calories (or macros) beforehand. Maybe it’s your Grandma’s sugar cookies or a piece of pumpkin pie loaded with whipped cream, choose the thing you love the most. Savour every bite. Enjoy it. Then carry on with your regular healthy habits.

Read how your holiday temptation can be curbed with ease.

Pass the 3,000 calories please! Not when your trusted holiday guide is by your side!

Downside Your Dinnerware

This one might seem a little unusual but swapping your dinner plate for a salad plate can save you thousands of calories! It’s estimated that many holiday meals contain more than 3,000 calories – in a single meal – so, altering the allotted space for the holiday fare can help you portion your meal to better fit your nutrition goals!

Avoid Drinking Calories

When you’re outlining your plan of attack for the holidays remember that oftentimes holiday inspired drinks can have a lot of calories!

A glass of wine? 200 calories a glass.

That eggnog you love sipping in front of a roaring fire? A whopping 374 calories in a cup!

If you are going to sip your calories and want to stick to your goals make sure you’re working these into your budget too!

Keep Moving

Have you ever noticed that it’s almost expected that people will gain weight over the holidays? But should it be? We believe in having a holistic and flexible approach to eating which allows for eating foods you truly enjoy! But we’re also all for not gaining pounds we know we are just going to want to lose in the New Year.

One way to keep that unwanted weight off is to keep moving. Making exercise a priority will pay huge dividends now and later when you aren’t trying to rebuild the achievements you already made with your health.

Celebrating doesn’t have to mean sacrificing anything! Eat the goodies, keep the gains!

Keep the Towel

So often people throw in the towel if they deviate from their diet even the slightest bit “Well, I messed up so I am going to keep eating everything now and start again later.” This leads to plowing through additional food and tacking on hundreds, if not thousands, of calories.

Be kinder to yourself.

Okay, you ate a few extra hundred calories. That’s fine! No sweat! You should enjoy life and that means eating the foods you love!

Don’t shame or beat yourself up for one over indulgence. Look at your next meal as a way to get back on track immediately and stop the cycle. The holiday guide ensures that these small practices turn into healthy habits.

The holidays are all about sharing love and merriment and making great memories with family and friends. If you stick to your goals you can enjoy the best of the season and continue to progress and realize your health dreams straight into the New Year. 

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