How to Track Beta-Hydroxybutyrate with Cronometer

Log your ketones with the only nutrition app to track BHB.

Hey Keto Users!

Cronometer just got even better! We are proud to announce that we are the only app to provide support for tracking exogenous ketone supplements.

Most keto dieters are familiar with BHB, or Beta-hydroxybutyrate, but if you aren’t then it’s one of the three “physiological” ketone bodies produced and burned in our cells. While the body can naturally produce BHB for fuel on a low-carb diet or by fasting, many ketone supplements now include BHB to provide a faster alternative to natural ketone production.

We understand that monitoring your ketones is an integral part of achieving maximum results with the ketogenic diet which is why we’re adding more tools to help you reach your goals. BHB quantities have been added to many of our existing supplements and can now be tracked in your diary!

Log your exogenous BHB today!

Here’s how:

Select the Settings tab, then click the Targets tab. From there you can choose to make Beta-hydroxybutyrate “visible” by ticking the box.

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