How To: Use Diary Groups

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Using Cronometer's Diary Groups


Previously only available to Gold subscribers, our Diary Groups feature is now available to all Cronometer users.

Is this breakfast? Lunch? Or dinner?⁠

With Diary Groups you get to organize your diary into different meals and because we are oh-so customizable you can name them whatever you want!⁠

So, maybe it’s Brekkie or First Meal O’The Day or something else completely unrelated to meals and you organize by types of food! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination (…okay, and character count).⁠

What else can you do with Diary Groups? Glad you asked! You can also copy and paste, show a nutrition summer, create a Custom Recipe or delete all available by swiping right on the Diary Group header!⁠

How To Use Them:

Turning On & Labeling Diary Groups

Use this feature to help organize your diary entries into custom categories.

To turn on Diary Groups and manage your preferences, go to More > Display > Diary Settings. Toggle on ‘Show Groups’. 

Scroll down and expand ‘Diary Groups’ and enter the label you’d like to have for each group.

Adding Foods To A Diary Group

To add a food to a specific Diary Group, select the group, then add a food. The group selection will automatically be changed for you. 

You can also quick add food, exercise, biometrics and more from the Diary Group by tapping the + icon on mobile or right clicking on the web app.

You can also change the group from the ‘Group’ drop down in the food entry before adding it to your Diary.

The first group will always be the default but you can drag and drop any item into a different group if needed.

Using Diary Group Headings

On mobile, swipe right on a Diary Group and tap ⋮ to access more options like copy and paste, create recipe from group and to show a nutrition summary for the entire group. 

On web, click on the Diary Group and right click to access more options.

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