Meet Cherise Daly: Know Yourself Ambassador

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It's Time To Know Yourself

When it comes to truly knowing yourself, your fitness and nutrition have to come first. If you know exactly what you’re putting in your body and how it’s impacting your daily performance, you can make more informed decisions that will help you thrive.

We connected with Know Yourself Ambassador and intersectional vegan foodie Cherise Daly about the importance of knowing your body when you’re on a specific diet like veganism. Here’s what Cherise had to say.

KY Clock
What gets you up in the morning?

The promise of good food or my dog having to go outside!

What excited you to be a part of Cronometer’s Know Yourself campaign?

Cronometer has been a big part of my health journey. I tracked my food intake for months to get a better idea of how I’m eating and what I can do to continue to get the nutrients my body needs.

Know Yourself Nutrition Scores
Why is it important for you and your community to track your nutrition? What have you gained as a result?

I have a better idea of what I’m eating and what I can do when I’m lower in certain macros or concerned about my nutrition. For a while, I was on the lower end of B12 and Vitamin D—I mean, did anyone see the sun in 2020 or were you like me and stayed in bed with your dog all day? But I paid attention to more fortified foods, and when to supplement if needed. 

I’ve gained the knowledge of which foods include which specific nutrients, and as a result I’ve been able to more confidently talk to my doctor and nutritionist about my plans to stay on track.

KY Drink Cup
What would you tell your community is the greatest benefit of knowing yourself and your nutrition?

As vegans, we’re told we don’t eat enough protein, or there’s no way to get enough nutrients to survive—but having apps like Cronometer is a very easy way to bust those myths.

Do you have any health tips or tricks to share that you’ve adopted along the way?

I love the recipe function! I use it often, which has helped me measure nutrients in the meals I make—something I always thought of as an inconvenience before Cronometer. Now it’s not, especially when I make something just right and want to remember how to make it the same way again.

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