Meet Joëlle Beauchamp: Know Yourself Ambassador

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It's Time To Know Yourself

As part of our mission to get more people in sync with themselves, we’ve been speaking with Know Yourself Ambassadors about why being in tune with your body is essential to reaching your health and fitness goals.

We briefly caught up with photographer, vegan recipe developer and mountain adventurer Joëlle Beauchamp to get their take on what knowing yourself means to them and how they go about it daily.

KY Clock
What gets you up in the morning?

An epic sunrise to photograph… or good coffee. Most likely just being hyperactive, though—ha.

What excited you to be a part of Cronometer’s Know Yourself campaign?

The opportunity to share my day and inspire people to get fit by showing them how easy it is to take care of their health with Cronometer.

Know Yourself Nutrition Scores
Why is it important for you and your community to track your nutrition? What have you gained as a result?

I have more energy and recover much faster with adequate nutrition. I tend to eat way less food than I need if I don’t track my meals. Keeping an eye on my nutrition has allowed me to avoid deficiencies on a vegan diet and get back to optimal shape in six to eight weeks.

KY Drink Cup
What do you tell your community is the greatest benefit of knowing yourself and your nutrition?

Being the best version of yourself so you can do the things you love and live a healthy life.

Do you have any health tips or tricks to share that you’ve adopted along the way?

I started making my own medicine by incorporating the powerful medicinal plants I forage into my diet. Most items are already in your pantry, though, which makes it easy to reduce visits to the doctor with proper planning.

How has Cronometer Gold helped you and your community achieve your health and fitness goals? What features do you love about Cronometer Gold?

I’m a health freak, so I particularly love the Nutrition Scores feature. I also struggle with anxiety from time-to-time, so tracking custom biometrics like sleep gives me a good indicator for when I need to reduce my stress.

What’s the one thing you think people need to know about Cronometer Gold?

Custom Reports & Custom Biometrics.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share?

I love the bar code scanner. It makes it so easy to create recipes, which helps a lot for my meal prep.

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