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Introducing Our Nutrition Score Feature

We are so excited to unveil our latest Gold Subscription feature — Nutrition Scores! That’s right, we’re giving you even more data to nerd out on so you can truly become the healthiest version of yourself!

Nutrients aren’t eaten in isolation but as part of the foods that make up your diet. Studies using single nutrients to improve health have generally yielded mixed results. A better approach is to look at nutrient profiles; each Nutrition Score is made up of a group of nutrients that work together to contribute to your health. This gives you the bigger picture view of how your diet is meeting your nutrition goals, while you can still get into the details for each micronutrient target in your Nutrient Targets Summary

What Are Cronometer's Nutrition Scores?

Nutrition Scores are calculated from how much of each nutrient target and nutrient ratio in the category you have achieved, based on the data available in the foods you have logged to your diary. Reaching your daily target for a nutrient maximizes your Nutrition Score, while exceeding your maximum target will reduce your score in that category.

Keep in mind, the Dietary Reference Intakes apply to the healthy general population and are not meant to apply to those who are deficient or in conditions that may cause an increased requirement. If you have customized your nutrient targets to meet your needs, your Nutrition Scores will be calculated from the targets you have chosen.

We now have fifteen Nutrition Scores, including immune support, metabolism support, electrolytes, antioxidants, all targets, vitamins, minerals, blood health, bone health, oral health, women’s health, men’s health, data quality, ketogenic and plant-based. You can select up to eight Nutrition Scores to view on your Diary page. For more information on how each score is calculated, click here.

How To Set Up Your Nutrition Scores

You’ll be able to select up to eight Nutrition Scores to view on your Diary page. Watch the video below to get a walk through or visit our user manual for the mobile app or the desktop app for detailed instructions on how to set up your Nutrition Scores. 

On the mobile app, navigate to More > Targets > Nutrition Scores and select up to eight scores to be displayed on the header bar of your Diary Screen. Once selected, you can see your Nutrition Scores by swiping left on the top header bar of your Diary Screen. 

On the desktop app, navigate to More > Display and select up to eight scores to be displayed on your Diary page. 

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